Yorlon Map

Being one of the smallest continents, Yorlon has two distinctive provinces - The Saurian Province and the Polar Province. The Saurian Province has rare mountains stcking up near the southern and central plains. It is home to peaceful and religious races, the most powerful sentient amongst them the Arkan. Villages dot the countryside and cities are closer to the water, being major ports for trade. The Polar Province, as the name suggests, is extremely cold. Rarely, cities are there, and if so, they are port cities, again, as ports for trade. Villages dot the land and are closer to the more abundant mountains in the Polar Province.

The Arkan are relatively peaceful and only hunt animals if the time arises for food, as they are carnivorous. But at any other time, they would rather respect Nature and not take too much from Her, rather obtaining food via trade from other lands. As a result, wildlife are abundant in Yorlon and many animals have been tamed and domesticated as pets.

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