Xyrie Validikus is the king of the Crimson Kingdom and brother to the evil Warlord Zylar. His adopted son, The Crimson Prince, is the greatest warrior of all of the Crimson Kingdom and possibly the Corrupted Kingdom, as he almost killed Zylar himself.


He is a very kind and noble king, and will never treat any of his subjects unkindly. He is a devout follower of Adament and Viknen, two of the four gods of light. He does not despise his evil brother, but will not put up with Zylar's constant threats, demands, and murders. He loves his adopted son, whom he named the Crimson Prince (the leader of the Crimson Priests) in honor of the Kingdom, and has named him the heir to the kingdom.


As a follower of Adament and Viknen, the priests have granted him the power of magic. He has the ability to cast shots of light at his enemies, which stun them. His sword, Golden Dragon Sabre, has been enchanted and has the ability to cause fire damage.


His powers cannot be casted as effeciently on dark nights, or in a corrupted area.

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