Wizards are those humans who have the ability to channel magic energies or believe that they have this ability. Wizards are not considered part of the magical community due to the fact that they are, and always will be, human.


It is believed that the first wizard was actually a human priest or priestess of some kind. There have been many a human priest or priestess who have thought that they have the ability to create magical phenomena. However, just as some off these claims are true, many are not. King Arthur's court magician, Merlin, was one of the few famous wizards who was actually a wizard.


Wizards have the ability to channel magical energy through themselves into whatever they use to create magical phenomena. This is not an innate ability and must be specifically trained.

Otherside CompanionsEdit

As humans, Wizards have Otherside Companions in the shape of cats

See alsoEdit

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