The Pre age: in the beginning their were two stars Eldor and Belarn. The great entity Ellenae caused them to explode creating the universe. He then fashioned the gods. Of these there were seven Anyar, Hellan, Balkos, Triarcos, Melanye, Ruunon and Zalarn. He each gave them a different aspect of his worlds to control. These gods built a city in the heavens where Ellenae reigned called Talormen. Here Ellenae handed over responsibility of the universe to them and disapeared.

The Gods were content. Except one, Zalarn the god of night he wished to rule over his brothers ans sisters. One day he attempted to steal the delbar crystal and was cast out of Talormen. Angry he wandered alone for years until he found a malign spirit Grorn. Grorn corrupted him further and convinced him to let darkness fall unendingly over the heavens. Grorn then sent him to murder Anyar. Zalarn crept up on Anyar

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