A Vivon that has faded temporarily out of existence and is now wandering through a blank void of some sort. Nobody truly knows why Vivons do this, some assume this is where they hunt for prey. Fortunately, a Vivon will always return to Fubadubia and return to it's master after a short while.

Vivons are large, shaggy maned beasts who seem to fade in and out of reality. The Govoki favour these creatures as steeds. A Vivon is very loyal and will not hesitate to defend it's master in times of danger. In this way, having a Vivon at one's side can be a huge asset, given the strength they have. Strangely enough, though they are affectionate to their owners, Vivon's show an open dislike for visitors and even friends and family of it's owner. However, if one shows competence and constant kindness to a Vivon, it will gradually grow more friendly towards them. Vivons are easy to take care of, having virtually no appetite whatsoever despite their size.

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