The Empire of Triawebug or Triawebugia is located at the western part of Epitomia. This place houses the Trident of Aquiah, one of the Epiromian artifact.


Trawebugia is a landmass of 6,325,865 wher its border is surounded by a flowing river, the Lacrima River. On its central pat is the Lake Ihubium where the Tident of Aquiah lies in its deep. This is also where Aquiah, the immortal of water resides.

The land territory nurtures a lot of trees and animals. It has a lot of springs and lakes all over the area. On its western portion is the Sea of Lacrima. It is divided into five cities, namely: Serpentia (capital), Tow-beige, Vasha, Thuggut, and Shafah.


The Sunken Island of the Rain is mainly dwelt in by two races, the Sapiens which are the Trians and the syrinudines.

The Trians are of European origin and spoke Tria as their language. Trians are skilled seanavigaors and are expert in making warships. Their basic means of living is through fishing.

Trians are loyal and zealous people. Like Farieyans, they also value perseverance. Their fighting skills are developed through deep concentration. They are noted for their gentleness and many scholarly studies. They are the most intellectual people of Epitomia.

However, Trians are envious and greedy people. They are too despondent,that they tend to forget how to be happy. They are very sensitive and extremely moody. They do not accept other's cultures and are skeptic about the ideas of other races.

The syrinudines are underwater creatures. They are the equivalent of the Another World's merpeople. Their upper torso is of human form while the lower torso is of the fish. They are extremely dangerous creatures. They lure any sea traveler into their dwellings and feed on them.


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