These are the 4 gods of Maridia:

Oceana. goddess of water. Oceana`s shrine is located near the lake of tears. it looks like a platform with seaweed shaped columns incrusted with saphires. in the center of the platform there is a 10m wide scallop shell with water inside it. to keep Oceana happy the people who live on Maridia must each place a shell in this scallop once every year one the festival of water. when every one has placed a shell in this scallop the water bursts into dark blue flames this means that the island will have enough rain and water for the rest of the year. If the flames are glowing white then there might be a shell missing or a shell could be damaged or dirty this means there will be draughts and tidal waves.

Inferno. goddess of fire Inferno`s shrine is located in the barrens. it is a platform floating 1m above the ground there are steps up to the platform and in the center there is a 5m high column of fire. every year on the festival of fire the people Maridia must burn a single hair from their head to show their loyalty. if the fire keeps burning then Inferno will protect the island from unwanted visitors like pirates but if the fire extinguishes then the will be no protection there will be no protection and ships and planes will find the island and take the people of Maridia for testing and kill them.

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