The Birth of Xluŋtlyŋ is a myth which the population on Xluŋtlyŋ believe to be true. It tells about the birth of the god which they believe their island to be:

Once upon a time, the very first wave (according to the Xluŋtlyŋ's believes, waves are animals) on the sea appeared as a consequence of some water near the bottom of the sea which got hotter than the rest of the water because of the sun (which had always existed) and, as a consequence of its higher temperature, it floated up to the surface. It took some ash from the bottom of the sea with it. This ash became an island. Ash could think, and as this island appeared on the surface of the sea it thought it was boring to stay there at the surface alone; then it told the rest of the ash to join it, some ash went up building other islands, and some of the ash on these islands changed mind and went down to the bottom of the sea while some other ash attempted to flow up. Conequently, a fight appeared between the ash flowing up and that flowing down, this caused its temperature to rise so much that it started a fire behind the water. This is how the volcanoes around Xluŋtlyŋ appeared and became active.

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