No one really knows what "The Rye" really is. No one ones what it has in store for them. The world has no name, but people just started calling it the Rye because when people and beasts were made, they were made under in a forest of rye. Now huge forests of trees and other plants dominate and city's Dot the landscape here and there but the name "The Rye" stuck. They also say that the gods if they exist were born in the forest of rye. The year is 11 AD of the 13 age. 4 human kingdom are in the Rye but some of the more intelligent beasts have country's to. Some country's are at war while some are at peace. Their is a line separating the beast area of the world and the human area of the world. That does not mean that the humans are all allies and all the beasts are allies. It is just a line which they made to stop humans and beasts from interacting because past interactions have not been pretty. Though the forests that cross the line are a free for all. Demons are in all parts of the world and do not care for the line and do what ever they want, most of the time. Mythical beasts that have not set up country's or are just not very intelligent in interacting with others live in forests, caves, and any where else that strikes their fancy. Dwarfs life in the mountains in the Northern part of The Rye while Elves live in the more southern areas in the forests. The four human kingdoms are called Farpon, The Cray Empire, The Order of the IO, and The Drack. The mythical beasts with kingdoms are the Dragons, the goblins, the Jackals, the Spaiyans , and the Tanters. Their are plenty of other beasts who are around but like I said before they my not want to have a kingdom or simply don,t care.

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