The Isle of Thought remains the only un-explored Island in the Northern sea. In clear defiance of natural processes the Island is a flat sandy desert. So flat, in fact, that the only exception is a grand city towards the center of the island. This metropolis lies eerily abandoned; its buildings windswept and streets filled with dunes of sand. The Island's nature has inspired what could be considered something of a tourist trade and a few small settlements have sprung up along the shore where young Imperials or, on occasion, Illuthai may stop to buy supplies for the long trek into the desert. As there are no water sources inland this journey can often be perilous and deaths are not considered unusual. The city itself contains a variety of riches, most of which reportedly remain unclaimed. This only helps to draw the curious and, in the past, has lead to official expeditions from a variety of nations and organizations. The city's builders remain a mystery.

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