Oceans and Seas Edit

To the surprise of many and disgust of some, there are four oceans and numerous seas and bays.

Oceans Edit

Endless Ocean Edit

So named by the ancient mariners of Kau, who preferred the short hops by which one reached Físolè rather than the long, perilous across the Endless Ocean to Eithour and Astaldour.

Furious Ocean Edit


Bitter Ocean Edit

Lives across the street from the Furious Ocean.

Asdraud Ocean Edit

So named due to the influence of the chief potestate race, the asdraud. Their orbital tower is made fast to an artificial island in the Asdraud Ocean.

Seas Edit

Appoes Sea Edit

Between Esebour and Voneukhour.

Ozamod Sea Edit

Lying between Kau and the Pobelaim Archipelago.

Land Masses Edit

Just like huge tracts of land, only bigger and more smiley!

Continents Edit

Kau Edit


Eithour Edit

Ice yer what?

Astaldour Edit

Voneukhour Edit

Esebour Edit

Û-Poelisour Edit

Now ISO-999000 Certified Free of Egregious Wankers!

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