The Fates are female deities who supervise fate but do not determine it. There are Fates all across the world's Pantheons. Each has their place and works together to supervise the fate of each and every mortal.


  • Clotho - spins the thread of life
  • Lachesis - measures one's lot in life
  • Atropos - cuts the thread of life and chooses the manner of death

Daughters of Nyx, goddess of night.


  • Nona - spins the thread of life
  • Decima - measures the thread of life with her rod
  • Morta - cuts the thread of life and chooses the manner of death

Personifications of destiny.

Norns/Weird SistersEdit

  • Urd/Wyrd - The oldest and most powerful of the three Norns, often pictured looking backward. Urd is associated with the past.
  • Verdande - Often pictured looking forward. Verdande is associated with the present.
  • Skuld - Often pictured wearing a veil and holding a scroll. Skuld is associated with the future.

Three spirits of destiny who spun the thread of life for every living being and watered Yggdrasil with water from Urdarbrunn.

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