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The Creation of Caroth or Zur Akal (Taken from the first sentence) By Eri The Great and Aráed the Wise

Zur Akal Izi-Izi Doan, doan. Eri-mim-relil dô ´Zûkul zir nâ' e Zûkul zir nâ doan. Eri-mim-relil car cen e car Izi-izi tt Zûkul nâ doan. Eri-mim-relil dô ´Izi-Izi zir nâ car ud!´ e Izi-Izi zir nâ car doan. Eri-mim-relil cen e nâ mim cen. Nó Eri-mim-relil dô ´Zûkul Izi-Izi!E Eri-mim-relil dô ur Irizûkul!´ e Irizûkul-mim cen car.

Nó Irizûkul-mim dó ´Eri-mim-relil, E Irizûkul cú nâ atá irizûkul-mim cen nâ mim´. e Eri-mim-relil dô ´Irizûkul-mim, atá Irizûkul? E Irizûkul-mim zir san?´ e Irizûkul-mim dó ´E zir san´.Nó Eri-mim-relil dô ´Car nâ mim zir Irizûkul-mim tt án Irizûkul-mim!´ e Irizûkul-mim cen atá Irizûkul-mim.Atá Irizûkul-mim dô ´E zir Àn, Atá Irizûkul-mim´


Beginning time cold-darkness everywhere, everywhere. Eri-who-is-one-and-many said "Shadows do not be" and the shadows were not everywhere. Eri-who-is-one-and-many saw Carot and Carot was cold-dark but not covered in Shadows. Eri-who-is-one-and-many said "cold-darkness be gone from Carot!" and cold-darkness was no longer everywhere in Carot. Eri-who-is-one-and-many saw and he saw none who is one. Then Eri-who-is-one-and-many said "Shadows and cold-darkness!I Eri-who-is-one-and-many says, come Shadowcold! and Shadowcold-who-is-one saw Carot.

Then Shadowcold-who-is-one said "Eri-who-is-one-and-many, I Shadowcold can not another Shadowcold-who-is-one see" and Eri-who-is-one-and-many said "Shadowcold-who-is-one, other Shadowcold? Shadowcold-who-is-one is lonely? and Shadowcold-who-is-one said "I am lonely". Then Eri-who-is-one-and-many said "Carot has not one Shadowcold-who-is-one but two Shadow-cold-who-is-one!" and Shadowcold-who-is-one saw another Shadowcold-who-is-one. The other Shadowcold-who-is-one said "I am Second, The Other Shadowcold-who-is-one"

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