Finished just before the outbreak of the Haram War, the City of Light is one of The Haram Empire's greatest achievements in architecture and engineering. Before the War, in the late Expansion Years, it became stylish to wear monochromatic colors, usually either black and white. Partially due to the fact that both black and white dyes were hard to come by and apparently the contrast was "pleasing to the eye". The Empire was in a state of unprecedented wealth and prosperity, why shouldn't its richest, the nobles create something to honor their successes, to last for life times in their name? As a result almost fourteen separate Dynasties of Nobility and over twenty smaller noble houses pledged incredible sums of money for the construction of the ultimate city of beauty. A White city, the City of Light. Unlike most other large cities and towns, this one was planned. Instead of close, narrow winding streets; great squares and wide paved streets grace the great city.


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