The Buskan Isles were uninhabited until a group of Humans arrived. The Islands are warm and temperate but can sometimes be subject to sudden violent storms. They are relatively flat and pristine with all manner of flowers and grasses, but unfortunately below there is little soil which discourages the use of most crops. The Buskan were forced to resort to fishing and merchanting which soon gave rise to many pirating factions situated throughout the islands. Although these corsairs damage trade they are generally accepted and tolerated by the populace, though should any stray too far south into Haram waters they will receive a very "Warm" welcome. The Buskan Isles were for a time a province of the Empire until the Buskan War of independence which saw the liberation of the Islands. Now both nations retain a steady alliance.


The overall population of the Islands has fluctuated in the mid hundred thousands for generations.


The Buskan have no formal government and instead rely on a lose self-determined set of honor based codes.

A few powerful families hold some power, but only in the terms of wealth and economic influence.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Allied with the Haram Empire.

Previously Enemies with the Elves and Haram.

Major accomplishments and deedsEdit

The only nation to successfully rebel from Haram Rule.

Stalled the Elven Navy at the battle of Staliska.

Provided sea borne support for the Haram Offensive into Elven lands.

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