The Battle of the Copper Plains was the largest and by far the most decisive battle in The Three kingdoms war. The two remaining powers, the Haram and Katar faced off on the field of Battle. Surprisingly enough, both sides resorted to little strategy and simply charged into combat, the result of many months in stalemate. Both sides possessed mostly heavy infantry, except for one Haram unit of Cavalry which would prove vital. During The Three kingdoms war cavalry was mainly used for scouting and other forms of reconnaissance, though it so happened that one such party of scouts was placed directly behind their enemies. In a move many think of as Heroic, the Leader of the party ordered his men to lower their spears and charge directly into the enemy flank. This meager force managed to create a breach in the enemy line which the Haram infantry exploited and secured victory. This tactic is now commonplace among the Haram military and a statue of three riders can be found near Oruin's Gates. The Haram went on to raze the old Katarian Capital and declare Oruin the new one. Thus Humanity went on to mark its place in the world.

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