IPA for StocEdit

You can then read wich signs refer to wich sounds on wikipedia:IPA.

  • All words are stressed on their first sylable, so if there are two or more sylables in a Stoc word or

Stocucian name its IPA transcription begins with the ' sign.

  • Any time it is possible (the only exception are words beginning with consonants) sylables will try to begin

with vowels and to be as short as possible. If it is necessary, sylables can be made of only consonants, but

theese are written in Stoc as with hyphens (-) in the place where there are missing vowels (in Spanish I have

heard that there are so-called "vocales átonas" in English, as in the seccond sylable in "didn't"). In IPA

transcriptions, dots (.) are used to sepparate sylables.

a: æ (small (lowercase) a and e together), b: β

(geek small (lowercase) beta, looklikes capital B or German double s), c: z, d: "ʒ" (looklikes number 3),e: ε(greek epsilon), f:

f, g: ʃ (looklikes narrow s), h: h, k: ϰ (greek small (lowercase) kappa, looklikes an x), l: l, m: m, n: n,o: o,

p: p (nearly never used in Stoc, pronounced as in Spanish or french), s: s, t:(l) (some kind of unvoiced l, change to the right sign if you know it),u: y, v: v

Signs that are not on the list do not exist in Stoc.

Place namesEdit

Names of places in Stoc, all end on e.

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