Isoe is the island that you begin being on when the story starts.

Stocuce Isoe Map


Isoe has broken out of a continent called Slem.


Scientific Constructed Prime Number Religion has not arrived to Isoe, so animals there do not believe in the Big Bang. Instead there are three "primitive" religions:

  • Y:lis believe that the world was created by the godess Duo by a mistake. (Who will destroy it again if it makes to much noise.)
  • Lohms believe that it was created by the god Gids to avoid getting bored. (That will destroy it again if he gets bored.)
  • Waterbirds believe that it was created by both Duo and Gids as they both need a place to live. (Who won't destroy it ever.) Only waterbirds know this religion.



Isoe is an island within the planet Stocuce.

  • South: Nearly a dessert.
  • South: Coast moves with the tide.
  • North: Frontier of lakes, rivers and mountains between South and North.

South and North are named after real south and north magnettically.

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If you've arrived here from the Ski Space Craft, please return there.

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