Skjebne av Untunger, meaning "Of the End of All Things", and is an apocalyptic myth, telling of the end of the world. According to the story, at the end of time, Wyrhta, the Evil One, will break his chains and be loosed from the Void. He will gather all evil to himslf, and begin a campaign of conquest across the Gaard. At this time, all the ancient heroes of Skaadi legend will be reincarnated to do battle with Wyrhta, but they will all be slain. Even the immortal valkyrjii will perish. But as Wyrhta stands in triumph over his new domain, Eo Himself will descend from the heavens and cast the evildoers into oblivion beyond the void. He will gather all the souls of the slain, and bring them with Him to His courts of eternal bliss, where they shall live with Him forever.