Silwerian Empire
Political Information
Type of Government

Absolute Monarch

Founding Document

Treaty of Silweria

Head of State

The Emperor/Empress of Silweria

Executive Branch

Araktynar Aetawyn

Legislative Branch

Araktynar Hajynva

Judicial Branch

Araktynar Sinmoxus

Societal Information

Kymir, Silwerian Heartland, Silwerian Empire

Official Language


Major Species

Eleduin and Human




"Araktynar Kasintus"

Historical Information
Date of Establishment

439 Cersalie Calendar

Date of Fragmentation

383 Aurwynma Calendar

Policy Information

Varies depending on situation and time


Varies depending on situation and time

OOC Information

The Silwerian Empire (Anboric: Dyvael vaes Silweria) was the second Eleduin Empire after the decline of the Cersalie-ruled civilization, characterised by an autocratic form of government and largest territorial holdings on the continent of Terranell.

The 400-year-old Eleduin Empire, which preceded it, had been fragmented and destroyed in War of Four Houses. After the first empire is destroyed, Guthale Aurwynma travelled south with his men to establish a settlement in Silweria. Guthale then engaged in several battles with the Anboric remnants in Silweria and Claedesh. Guthale's victory eventually led to the signing of the Treaty of Silweria which unites the Eleduins and human that will later form the Silwerian Empire.

Silwerian expansion began in the days of the first emperor, Dembur the First, who became the first emperor since Guthale died before he can be crowned. The Silwerian Empire reached its greatest extent under Emperor Oravis(also known as Jillan Redhead): during his reign the Silwerian Empire controlled all if not most of the central Terranell and southern Terranell.

The Silwerian Empire collapsed in 383 as Emperor Vethora Cersalie was assassinated by several Silwerian lords that are unsatisfied with a former ranger ruling as the emperor just because of his Cersalie blood. The assassination later escalated to The Shattering War when different lords broke away from the empire declaring independence. One year after the Shattering War broke out, Amalus Aerione captured the city of Kymir with less than a hundred man, officially ending the Silwerian Empire and the beginning of New Anboric Empire.










Formation of the EmpireEdit

The Two EmperorsEdit

Jillan Redhead's ConquestEdit

Endless Conflict of Third Era Edit

Kingsland ConquestEdit

Iceflow DisputeEdit

Sapphire WarfareEdit

War of Two RealmsEdit

The Second InvasionEdit

Avenger CrisisEdit

The Shattering WarEdit

End of the EmpireEdit

Military HistoryEdit


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