Serania is a world of magic,a place where magic is used every day, for everything. In the first days of magical discovery on Serania, chaos ruled as mages shaped the earth around them to their every whim creating mountains ranges and oceans in the process. Magic was unregulated and untamed so that one could easily get carried away with his or her power, eventually turning them crazy. However, a few hundred years after the discovery of magic, it was decided by a group of stable men and women, that some form of control should be established over the world's wild magics. And the Elementine Isles were born. The group of mages combined their powers to separate the current wild magic into elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. And with this came the safe control of magic. With this separation the amounts of magic channel-able is significantly lower, and the chances of a particularly good mage going insane are much lower.

So as the ages passed, the Elementine isles formed from a small group of mages, into a multi continent spanning organization with the power to dethrone even rulers.

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