There are many races on this dimension but only Ench, Plants and Creatures originally were here.


These kai are a merge between a man and an animal that you would think of as a pet. these always have the shape of a human but have slightly different features and instincts, like anthro. examples of petten: King Felix, Thomas, Ashley. they also have a surprising and unique ability to form weak cloth and metal using mud, water and such. not factories though, as these obviously don't exist



A banana shaped and black body with long arms, a little head, long legs and a D shaped head. averaging a hight of about 5 inches.


Like faries but they glow in different colours and never use magic. magic does not exist. Example of empleems: Rose.


Do you really need an explanation? you are the only living human left.


Any normal animal, but with a solid crystal embedded in the back of the skull, tight. this crystal carries immense energy


These are the normal kind of plants


These are the more advanced types of plants that are like silent people


From girraffes to hampsters and ants to elephants

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