Princess Alösrí

Princess Alösrí was the daughter of the mighty Norse hero, Lor. Her mother was a poor, but beautiful, farm girl that caught her father's eye from the day they first met. Sadly, her mother was taken by Menðsívör, an evil demon, only three days after she gave birth to her daughter. Her father, Lor, hunted down Menðsívör and killed the demon only two days after his wife was taken. After the tragedy of losing his wife, Lor refused to let his sorrow and grief get in the way of the love and compassion that he put forth when raising his daughter. As her daughter went through her childhood, the people of Rötskívar began to refer to her as Princess Alösrí. Perhaps because they saw Lor as their villiage's protector and leader. As she grew even older, she began to take after her father by strongly pursuing and taking any leadership roles or positions that were offered. At sixteen years old, the villiage was attacked, Alösrí led several men to fight, whom were able to hold their own for only a little while. But, her father sent her away, with many men, to the South. He hoped that she would be safe at one of the neighboring villiages. But, little did they know, that this was just one of the beginning stages of the legendary Norse Ragnarök.

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