Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You eat it, and while eating it you realize you are not on Earth anymore: The taste of that fruit is not normal at all.

"Gime more", you say, and the flower produces another fruit, this one bigger and even more beautiful and perfumed. You eat it, but there was something strange... that fruit was something like poisoned, you began to fall slept, the last thing you see is flowers wrapping around you, you try to resist, but the poison is too powerful and make you to sleep.

When you wake up again, you are not normal anymore. Those plants are the plysers, and they are capable to make you to evolve. You look at you, you have vines wrapping around your body, you are in some sort of cocoon and you are being transformed, you can feel how the vines go through your flesh and veins, changing everything they found. But they have no gotten into your heart nor brain yet, you can still try to escape from them. They poisoned you again, puncturing you with their spines to make you to sleep again.

A strange voice asks you. What animal would you prefer to be?

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