Beolothoran Nobility refer to the noble families of the Beolothor.


The Beolothoran nobility consists of two entities, the Land Lords and Title Lords. Members of the Land Lords are titled (Grand Forrier, Forrier, Arch Loran, Visoran, Loran), frequently referred to as Peers. They have their own lands and governed them. However, they are not members to the Circle of Nobles.

The rest of the nobility is referred as Title Lords, those who have a title but does not have any land or holdings where they can rule. These Landless lords are the ones entitled to be merchants, officials and commanders of the Beolothor National Army. The bests of this nobles can sit to the Circle of Nobles.

Both nobles can pass to their descendants their titles.

Order of NobilityEdit

  • Thorrier
  • Forrier
  • Borran
  • Visoran
  • Loran

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