The Party Hall is where festivities are hosted in Kerkopoes. Regardless of the type of festivities, free gifts are always given to the host(s) and the guests thanks to one or more local charities in Kerkopoes.


Jain, the owner of the party hall, is a very popular figure in the culture of Kerkopoes. Many myths have been written of him for this reason.


For a small fee of 500, the KerHallKnights can be purchased for the party. These knights, like Jain, also had many stories written about them.


There is a pub in the Party Hall that offers several drinks during the festive hours.

Diaries of KerkopoesEdit

In her famed book about her time living in Kerkopoes, the author devoted an entire scroll to a party she was invited to in the Party Hall.

Free GiftsEdit

Free gifts are given at every party in the Party Hall. All the gifts are known to be expensive or rare. There will occasionally be an announcement telling guests how many minutes are left before the gifts are given. However, waiting in the lobby of the hall is not allowed. During the gift-giving time, there is a mad rush to the lobby and many of the most rare or expensive items would've been gone.


The Party Hall used to have a set of wooden doors. However, it was broken in the 111 Massacres when groups of people rushed to hide in the Hall. Now, it is replaced by a steel door with iron bolts.

Parties in the party hall last for a very long time, and sometimes even after-parties result due to the amount of people still present.

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