Olympus is home to the Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, and even a Cyclops or two. The various gods and goddesses have refrained from meddling in mortal affairs unless invoked.

Ruling ClassEdit

  • Zeus/Jupiter - Supreme ruler of the gods of Olympus
  • Hera/Juno - Wife and sister of Zeus and therefore queen of Olympus, goddess of women and marriage
  • Aphrodite/Venus - goddess of fertility, gardens, and love
  • Ares/Mars - god of war, son of Zeus and Hera
  • Artemis/Diana - goddess of hunting and the moon, defender of wild animals
  • Athena/Minerva - goddess of war and household arts
  • Hermes/Mercury - Messenger of the gods, god of roads and trade, protector of travellers and bringer of luck
  • Poseidon/Neptune - god of the sea
  • Demeter/Ceres - goddess of corn and the harvest
  • Hephaestus/Vulcan - god of fire

Other NotablesEdit

  • Apollo - god of the sun
  • Eros/Cupid - god of love
  • The Pleiades/Hesperides
  • The Graces/Charities - goddess daughters of Zeus and Euronyme
    • Aglaia/Charis
    • Thalia
    • Euphrsyne
  • The Fates
  • Pan/Faunus - god of pastures
  • Dionysus/Bacchus - god of wine, son of Zeus and Semele
  • Atlas - a god of great strength who holds up the earth
  • The Muses - daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne
    • Erato - governs lyric poetry and songs
    • Calliope - governs epic poetry
    • Clio - governs history
    • Terpsichore - governs lyric poetry and dance
    • Thalia - governs comedy
    • Euterpe - governs flute-playing
    • Melpomene - governs tragedy
    • Polymnia - governs sacred song, oratory, lyric, singing and rhetoric
    • Urania - governs astronomy
  • The Furies - female spirits of justice and vengeance
    • Alecto
    • Megaera
    • Tisiphone

See alsoEdit

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