The planet Okara is the main setting of the Ilyos Chronicles

Geography Edit

Okara consists of five continents, each with its own unique flora and fauna. These continents are called:

·         Alamyr – rainforests and marshes cover this damp region

·         Inica – A land coated in snow and ice

·         Nawari – A large, blank desert

·         Eldruin – Mostly moors, mountains and forests.

·         Dakorel – A fabled realm to the east, home to the legendary Dragons

The rest of the planet is ocean.

Religion Edit

Main article: Religion in Okara

The numerous civilisations of Okara have all developed some form of religion, with a pantheon of gods. The deities each of these peoples follow are different only in name and appearance, but are ultimately the same entity, for example, the Ellyrian god of war, Gillioch, and the Orc god of war, Balokk are one and the same. Despite this, the people of Okara refuse to acknowledge each other’s gods as legitimate beliefs, and many wars have been waged because of this. The names used by the Aenar are considered to be the ‘true’ names of these entities, as it is believed that the gods came to this race first, and introduced themselves under those names. The table below describes each deity and their names, according to each race.

Races Edit

·         Humans – the most widespread race on Okara, humans are resourceful, inquisitive and intelligent. Most of Okara has been populated by humans at some point

·         Orcs – Powerful and aggressive creatures, brutish but cunning. Originally from Terondor, brought to Okara to protect and rule over the forests of Eldruin.

·         Elves – Jealous and spiteful beings who once possessed the ability to take on the form of any living creature they had seen. Originating on Lerithia, the Elves followed the Aenar and the Orcs across space to Okara.

·         Protum – The collective noun for all other sapient beings on Okara, typically believed to be initial designs for humans.

·         Aenar – The first race created by the gods as guardians of Aera. Believed to be immensely powerful, even capable of killing a god.

Creation Story Edit

It is believed that Okara, and the planets around it, were created by a being known as Ilyos. In creating these planets, Ilyos expended a great deal of power, and died. At the moment of his death, his body split into seven smaller entities: Aeragh, Nihryan, Ellanrend, Arundareth, Lerinœr, Wen’nin and Kuilnar, and his soul became the Sun. These new beings were gifted with the ability to create life, and so settled on the world they called Aera. The gods begin to shape Aera to their liking, filling the planet with vast golden oceans and expansive lavender plains, and creating the race known as the Aenar. The gods went to the other planets in turn, on Terondor creating the Orkkan, on Lerithia the Ylfs, and finally they turned to Okara, a world of many landscapes and climates, there they built Humans, and before them the Protum.

History Edit

A brief timeline of the history of Okara. All dates correspond to the Ellyrian Calendar.

A.E = Ascension Ellyria

B.A = Before Ascension

Age of Discovery Edit

-        4,000 B.A - Magical residue from the War of the Gods accelerates human growth, and soon powerful human civilisations appear.

-        3,930 B.A – Xenite people begin expanding, and colonises most of Eldruin . Begins trade with Ekhenhait. First Orcs appear in Eldruin.

-        3,929 B.A – Orcs attack Xenite settlements in the forest. Xenite – Orkkan wars begin.

Surviving Rahzuhr attack Nikkan cities near magic-dense marshes.

-        3,927 B.A – First Ylfs, led by Alaion arrive in Eldruin. The Ylfs (named Elves by humans) settle in the mountains. Xenite Empire defeats last remaining human tribes on Eldruin.

-        3,700 B.A – Orcs push Xenites out of the Forests. Xenite – Orkkan wars end.

Nikkan emperor Matsukishin killed with no heirs, wars over succession begin.

-        3,500 B.A – Ekhenhait settlers land in Inica.

Xenite troops pull out of Dæcia, to help quell Elf uprising.

Age of Empires Edit

-        3,490 B.A – Unrest grows in Dæcia, being further from the mainland.

-        3,360 B.A - Elves continue to conquer Xenite territory, leading religious figures escape to Zenikos city in the mountains.

Nehnarn civilisation emerges in Inica

-        3,240 B.A - Elves capture Centhia, Xenite capital, Xenite emperor is killed.

Amarid Kingdom invades Ekhenhait.

-        3,220 B.A – Last Xenite remnants on mainland Eldruin wiped out or evacuated to Zenikos. Zenikos signs non-aggression pact with Elves.

First Amarid – Ekhenhait war ends.

-        2,850 – Xenite forces in Dæcia split into two factions.

-        2,803-2,782 - Second Amarid – Ekhenhait war. End when Bata attack both nations. Both nations are almost destroyed, so merge, creating the Suwhar tribes.

-        1,321-1,317 – Tensions between the Dæcian factions escalate, first Dæcian war. Treaty of Silverrock signed.

-        1,273-1,262 – First Orc-Elf war.

-        1,146-1,129 - Second Orc-Elf war. Ends with Aenar intervention.

-        0 A.E – grand chief of eastern Dæcia declares the nation of Ellyria , formed from the allied eastern tribes.

-        560 A.E – Third Orc-Elf War begins

-        593 A.E – Western Dæcians form nation of Mycelia.

-        600-605 A.E – Second Dæcian War

-        610 A.E – Remnants of Mycelium Empire discover Alamyr, form colonies.

-        611-617 A.E – Ellyrian-Suwhar War.

-        618 A.E – Third Orc-Elf War ends. 

-        622 A.E – First Ellyrian settlers land on Eldruin.

Decline of the Aenar Edit

-        640 A.E – Last Aenar survivors forced into hiding. Zenwu culture emerges in Alamyr

-        643 A.E – Group of elves called Talmar denounce shape shifting and the war, taking refuge in Isles of Wy.

Modern Era Edit

-        653 A.E – Orc – Ellyrian War, Events of Ylladain

-        655 A.E – Ellyrians create world’s first cannon

-        657 A.E – Events of Rahzuhr

-        682 A.E -  Events of Dragons of Alamyr

-        734 A.E – Events of Sanctus

-        735 A.E – Sanctus Campaign begins

-        746 A.E – Events of Worldgate

Wars Edit

There have been many wars throughout Okara’s History, all of which can be found here

·         War of the Gods

·         Xenite-Orc War

·         Xenite-Elf War

·         Nikkan Wars of Succession

·         Amarid–Ekhenhait Wars

·         Orc-Elf Wars

·         Ellyrian-Orc War

·         Dæcian Wars

·         Suwhar War

·         Sanctus Campaign

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