The Noberatorship of Grazia is one of the nober in the province of Upper Granlan in Bapuria. The provincial capital of this nober is Libnel. The current Noberator of Grazia is Jahdo V.

List of Noberators of GraziaEdit

As SenirEdit

  • Cohen I
  • Cohen II, called the Strong
  • Cohen III
  • Cohen IV

As HolzEdit

  • Cornelius I
  • Cornelius II
  • Cornelius III
  • Cornelius IV Holz
  • Cornelius V
  • Cornelius VI
  • Cornelius VII

As GraziaEdit

  • Jahdo I
  • Jahdo II
  • Jahdo III
  • Azriel I
  • Azriel II
  • Jahdo IV
  • Azriel III
  • Azriel IV
  • Jahdo V

Heir Apparent: Azriel of Grazia (born 19 September, 1009)

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