Nicole Sorano
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

June 7, 1962

Physical Description




Hair Color

Mostly bright purple with brown streaks

Eye Color

Bright Purple

Magical Ability


Personal Information

Yuka Sorano, Kiyoko Sorano, Andrea Sorano, Cameron Baines-Sorano, Kalli Sorano, Jazalyn Aros







Political Information
Position / Rank

Head of the Sorano Line

Current Affiliation

Sorano Line

OOC Information

Felidae Silvestris

Nicole Sorano is the current head of the Sorano Line of Sorceresses.

Biography Edit

Nicole was the younger of a pair of twins born to Keiko Sorano on June 7, 1962. She took over the Sorano Line with the death of her mother in 1984. The first thing she did as Head of the Sorano Line was to reverse the decision to disown her twin. With this reversal, she also revoked the law forbidding Sorcerer/Vampire copulation.

Nicole married her Bond, Mark Baines in July of 1985. Their first children, Yuka and Kiyoko, were born in 1988, followed by Andrea in 1990 and twins Cameron and Kalli in 1995.

In 2006, Nicole's twins sister, Himeko, disappeared with her Bond. Mark died in 2008 leaving Nicole to finish raising their children.

Behavior and Appearance Edit

Nicole is a strong, willful woman. She is slow to anger, but usually hides the fact that she is angry behind a clam facade. Beware of angering her.

Due to the strength of her Power, Nicole's hair and eyes have been died the color of her aura, bright purple. Her aging process has been slowed down due to her link with her twin, Himeko, and Himeko's Bond being a succubus. She appears to be in her forties despite being in her fifties.


Nicole's Nekomata is Jupiter, a cream and orange Scottish Fold tabby.

Powers Edit

Especially strong Sorcery.

Mid-Level Precognition

Weaknesses Edit

Her family.

--Felidae Silvestris 05:51, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

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