Mrypton is a huge planet, three times the size of Earth and two times bigger then Neptune. It is a planet located in Kingdom's land. It's ruler is Jor-El or Jor-L. It's offcial name is the Planetoral Kingdom of Krypton.


Mrypton was formed with the uniting of the Kingdom of East Mrypton and the Demonship of West Krypton. King Altheissis managed to unite both Kingdoms to form Mrypton.


The only god of Mrypton is The Lord God of the Galaxy, who's son Jecsus Crist was sent to forgive all's sins. Mrypton says all people who don't obey the Lord God would be killed.


The races are elves, faries, nobles, dragons, wicthis, socreers, demons, knights, and pesants.

Relevant PlacesEdit

Palaces are the Rymeontis Palace in Mryptonpolis, the captial, and Kryptonian Palace, in South Mrypton. There are also many forts and buldings.

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