The Milldoran, a.k.a. "The Savage Beast", is known to be the apocalyptic monster who will end the world. Mildorn is named after the monster because the world of Mildorn supposedly rests on it's back. Some believe that she was created by the gods, and some say she was a Goddess herself. The Arthropod Race worships her. In the Aerorian language, Milldoran is known as "Liech", meaning "Lazy Murderer".

Milldoran is thought of to have many arms, and is more of an aquatic wyrm. In the Exodia, a Arthropod Religious Text, the Milldoran is known as:

"The Queen of Mildorn, keeper of herth and home, andEdit
protection amoungst the prey."Edit

In The Book Unwritten, Milldoran is said to come out of Nothingness, and into the VastLands, a place of Death and fire.

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