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Magicka Ore, also known as Mithril and Runic Ore because of the Runic Empire's usage of the ore in their buildings and weapons, is the conceptual Essence of Arett. It is a unique type of steel ore that has been exposed to large amounts of magicka, usually from Arett's magickal core. Untouched, it can be used as a conduit to the fabric because of the ore's connection to the magickal fabric of Arett, therefore allowing a skilled magick user to gain access to a near infinite amount of energy.


Magicka ore is created when raw iron ore is exposed to massive amounts of magickal energy from Arett's core.


It is known that the Runic Empire has used magicka ore in their weapons and buidings. Grimbeard's Tower is a famous example, twenty stories built entirely from Magicka ore.

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