Lorveu Map

Lorveu consists of mostly flat or almost-flat land, mountains rare in the north and dominating mostly the southern parts. Baltos Island, where the militant Baltos for which the island is named after, rule their empire of warriors. There are five provinces, excluding Baltos Island, which is not considered a province, Genelah Province, Atris Province, Deltryd Province, Ereditch Province, and Martison Province. The Genelah Province is quite peaceful and is home to religious tribes, villages, and clans. The Artris Province is home to many fishermen and hunters, as, as legend says, the region is home to the Arktris, magical beast gods disguised as trees with the ability to exert a siren song to animals, populating the region with an abundance of beasts, making the Artris Province the continent's agriculture capital.

The Deltryd Province is the primitive land, housing primitive races such as humans, Lorkus, and others. The Ereditch Province is the economic capital of Lorveu as the land has an abundance of gold underground. This brings cash infusions to supply the land and go through trade. The Martison Province is the war-ravaged land, responsible for producing militants and mercenaries and war machines. However, it is also the most crime ridden in all of Lorveu.

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