The shamatic lizardmen are peaceful and graceful.The hunt goes on,though,and they hunt anything they can.They are primitive but will trade leather for needed things.


Unknown,but what is known it their realm.


The lizardmen's appearance matters on what lizard they represent.Their close veriaty isn't that wide.




Their weakness is often underestimated but it is sharp weapons.Usually their armor is leather and cloth.

Heroes, Leaders and ShamansEdit

Chief Agunak is the leader of the lizardmen and if angered,he will try to calm himself down.For heroes,Ashandral is a hero.He,in mythology,destroyed the Agunak Minotaurs alone.As for shamans,a great many are there.The high shaman is Eiaran.

Relevant placesEdit

Lizardmen only live in towns and villages and are rather primitive.They only live in rainforests and swamps.

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