The Legion of the South, Army of Aurora, known officially as the Marine Legion, is one of the Cikiran Army's combat unit, and are stationed at the south of the country Cikira. Aside from guarding the southern border of the country, the legion is also specialize in amphibious warfare and ship-to-ship battle. They are the Marines of the Kingdom. The Commander of the Marine Legion is the General-of-South (GoS), General Ahnlund S. Tahsingan. It adopted the symbol of three waves as it's mascot.

Special UnitEdit

Northern MarinesEdit

The Northern Marines (Officially the 2nd Marine Brigade) is a brigade of soldiers under the Marine Legion but stationed at the north of the country. Their mission is to guard the waters of the north along with the Northern Cikiran Fleet.

It's commander is Colonel Amadeus Eris Toriyas.

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