Lavon is the second land in Nastros. It is a fertile and resource rich area, with large deposits of Iron, Copper, Gold and Silver. On the west it borders the Mountains of Darkness and on the east it borders Castron, the two lands being separated by a series of valleys.


Lavon was first explored by the survivors of the First Alliance towards the end of The Exodus. Finding that the land of rich and fertile, their leaders decided to settle it. For years they built up their small realms, until the Orders finished crossing the Mountains of Darkness. Believing that this new land was to close to Ruyusia for them to be secure from invasion, Xavier III advised the alliance to continue east until they reached some form of natural defence. Many people ignored this advice, and instead chose to remain in their new homes. For centuries the people of Lavon lived in peace, and their prosperity increased. Yet a life of peace and prosperity was not their fate, as a host from Ruyusia crossed the Mountains of Darkness and destroyed their realms, slaughtering thousands. Now, Lavon is the base of operations for the Ruyusian crusade against the people of Castron.

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