Kerkopoes Park is a park in the city of Kerkopoes. Its perimeter is surrounded by iron fences and several gardeners maintain its grounds every day. Many merchants come to the park to set up stalls for their goods due to its open space and magnificent scenery. Weddings are held in Kerkopoes Park constantly.

Giant WormEdit

Legend says that a Giant Worm has been residing in the bowels of the earth beneath Keropoes Park for 230 years. It is rumored to be the creator of the giant hole that is found beside the park's famed Willow Gardens. Very few dare venture down there.

Garden PatchesEdit

  • The Yew Gardens
  • The Willow Gardens
  • The Garden of Faeries
  • The Maple Gardens

In addition to these gardens, a gardening store is permenantly open in the garden for naturalists or citizens wanting seeds of rare, exotic, or common plants.

Influence of 'The Sleep of the Susano'Edit

Because of the popularity of the newly released myth, The Sleep of Susano, six statues have been erected in the garden of the six fallen knights that died in the story. However, vandalism, age, and weathering has caused the names of the warriors to be illegible.

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