Kalli Sorano
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

December 16, 1995

Physical Description




Hair Color

Brown with white higlights

Eye Color


Magical Ability


Personal Information

Laura Davies, Nicole Sorano, Cameron Baines-Sorano, Rose Baines-Sorano




Tabloid Reporter

Political Information
Current Affiliation

Sorano Line

OOC Information

Felidae Silvestris

Kalli Sorano is a Sorceress of the Sorano Line

Biography Edit

Kalli was the younger of a pair of twins born to Nicole Sorano and Mark Baines on December 16, 1995. She is the youngest Sorano of her generation and has the strongest magic. She and her twin brother, Cameron, are almost inseprable. Kalli met her Bond, Laura Davies, when they were both 20. Both Kalli and Laura live in the same house with Cameron, his wife Rose, and their children.

Behavior and Appearance Edit

Kalli seems to be almost airheaded, however most of her family knows this is a front she puts up. She is the most accepting of her sister, Yuka, and her Bond, Jaz.

Kalli's appearance has been affected by the strength of her magic. When she was 15, parts of her hair started to turn white, the same color as he aura. Her irises were also affected so Kalli's eyes are now white instead of the blue she was born with.

Powers Edit

Sorcery - White


Kalli's Nekomata is Winter, a completely white Persian male.

Weaknesses Edit

Her family, especially her brother. Laura Davies.

--Felidae Silvestris 05:11, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

--Felidae Silvestris 23:02, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

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