The Holy Marshal is the highest rank and position in the Holy Order of St. Francos the Defender. It is a position for life although he can step down in his office if he wishes.

The Holy Marshal overlooks all the monastic and military activities of the order. He also appoints ambassadors, diplomats and advisers to all five nations of Hanver.

List of Holy MarshalsEdit

  • Beluz Agenor
  • Basil Mirand
  • Alcides Benton
  • Stanz Rhondirgos
  • St. Oberon the Pious
  • Lunne Magurhman
  • Felmar Castel
  • Coren Mabuse
  • Roylan Marick
  • Russana the White
  • Lenaflor Garrkhon
  • Gunther Dazppa
  • Lorina Dohir
  • Gierek Icanoulos
  • Louis Mabuse
  • St. Calin
  • Jehru Melasse
  • Iveline Tulius
  • Favian Sorheno
  • Alexander Barlaghn
  • Maria Mabuse

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