Himeko Sorano
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

June 7, 1962

Physical Description




Hair Color

Dark Brown with Hot Pink highlights

Eye Color

Crystal Blue

Magical Ability


Personal Information

Hogosha Shiyama, Nicole Sorano, Yuka Sorano


Fae Steel Knives

Fighting Styles

Hand to Hand


Vampire Hunter


Himeko/Hogosha (Himosha)

Political Information
Former Affiliation

Rasputin's Core

Current Affiliation

Sorano Line

OOC Information

Felidae Silvestris

Himeko Sorano is a Sorceress of the Sorano Line. She is currently missing.

Biography Edit

Himeko was the oldest of a pair of twins born to Keiko Sorano on June 7, 1962.

Himeko met her Bond, a succubus by the name of Hogosha Shiyama, in 1979. The fact that her Bond was a succubus was not lost on her and she attempted to hide this from her mother and sister, as well as the rest of the Sorcery Lines. She did manage to keep the secret for about a year. At this point, her mother found out and disowned her daughter. She could not completely disown Himeko due to her link with her twin, Nicole. Disowning her would bind both their powers and Keiko did not want to punish both her daughter's for the eldest's indescretion.

Himeko moved to New York City with Hogosha and together they started Rasputin's Core, a Bounty Hunting association of sorts.

With the death of her mother in 1984, Himeko returned to Crossings, New York to comfort her sister. Nicole, as the new head of the Sorano Line, reversed her mother's disownment of Himeko.

In 2006, Himeko disappeared with her Bond.

Behavior and Appearance Edit

Himeko has been known to be quite rash and volitile.

Himeko appears to be about 17, although she is well into her 50s. This is due to her Bond with a succubus. Her hairs is highlighted Hot Pink due to the strength of her Power.


Himeko's Nekomata is Miyu, a chocolate tabby American Curl.

Powers Edit

Strong Sorcery

Weaknesses Edit

Her family. Hogosha Shiyama.

--Felidae Silvestris 05:53, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

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