Prince Gyula of Cikira, Crown Prince of Cikira(Gyula Gierek Palatas ), born 30 May 997 in Konrig), is the eldest son of King Sandro XI of Cikira and his wife Queen Gderdith of Cikira.

The prince has one older and younger siblings: Princess Lorina Felin Palatas (b. 993), and Prince Gula Hernof Palatas (b. 997). His godparents are Empress Iodith of Kandarlon and Duke Asemino Borcil V of Handas, his uncle.

He is now attending the Holy Cikira University along with his siblings.


The official source of his names:

  • Gyula is after his maternal great grandfather, Duke Gyula of Handas.
  • Gierek is a common middle name amongst the noble family of Cikira.

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