Guggors are truly awe-inspiring beasts. Closely related to Guggs, Guggors are huge and powerful, using their broad feet to trample anything in their way. Most Guggors have purple skin and brown fur. All Guggors, male or female, have a pair of tusks jutting out from their lower lip. Guggors can grow to around ten times the size of a normal Gugg. They are usually docile, though they can get quite grumpy and dangerous when hungry. There is a legend of a gargantuan Guggor named Ae'Mogo who rampaged throughout the land looking for a meal. Of course, Guggors have large appetites to go with their size and as such, they aren't good beasts to have nearby. Guggors are herbivores, though hungry Guggors have been known to munch on livestock occasionally.

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