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Gleamta is a distant realm that once was known as a beautiful paradise, full of all sorts of beautiful creatures and magnificent plants. This was known as The Age of Light. But recently, a great, deadly cold has descended upon it, beginning what has come to be known as The Age of Darkness. Most of the plants have died, and the animals have all either died off, or donned armor and sword to go to battle with each other, over control of the everlasting flame, which is the last source of warmth and light in the realm.

Bestiary Edit

Age of Light Edit

Age of Darkness Edit

Magic Edit

The only magic in this realm is the everlasting flame. The magic of the flame is so powerful that posession of it would grant the holder unimaginable power. There have been wars upon wars over the Everlasting Flame, including the great flame war.

Regions Edit

  • Charmed Lands: Lands of the Fairies, the creators of the everlasting flame.
  • The Great Valley: Lands of Dragons, the protectors of the everlasting flame. Now the dragons have disappeared
  • Tauralia: Lands of Centaurs.
  • Red Mines: It was the Lands of Dwarves, but it is the land of the trolls now.

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