Fafílögg fighting Lor during Ragnarök.

Fafílögg, a spawn of Halönrí, is an ancient serpent that had a vision for the destruction of man. He was brutal and murderous, often invading towns, burning buildings and homes, and taking the lives of livestock and people. So, the Norse Gods bannished him to the sea. Shortly after he was bannished, he went to a small town on the sea's coast. When he arrived, he destroyed the town by burning everything. After he finished the town, he moved to the docks and burned them as well. Then, he sunk their fishing ships and ate all of the fish. When the Gods found out, Thor met the serpent and cast him under the water, never to rise again. It is said that he shall return at Ragnarök. According to the legend, during Ragnarök, Fafílögg brought about the destruction of hundreds of Norse ships, making the sea impossible to travel. It is also said that he will kill Lðröthrían, to gain strength enough to fight the Níðhöggr and gain the strength of Halönrí, making him nearly indestructable. It is also said that he will be killed by the mighty Norse hero, Lor, not long after the fall of Lðröthrían.

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