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FAPR (the Fubadubian Association for Protection against Rabies) is an honourable organization dedicated to finding an effective cure for Fubadub rabies. They are of course, nonprofit, and in response to their noble intentions, donations have been made by nearly ever race in Fubadubia. Even the Nee legion, enemies of the Fubadubs, support FAPR.


FAPR was founded by a Soul harvester of all things, named Stanley. Stanley helped his good friend Fubadub Joe recover from a severe case of Fubadub rabies when the two were in High school, and when he graduated, he quickly founded FAPR, which quickly attracted a devoted group of staff and a huge wave of followers.


Below is a list of races who support FAPR


Wumpadumps are the only race (other than Immitatus and the Azuncian alliance members) who openly oppose what FAPR is doing. Only the leaders of the Nee Legion know why this is so, though there are rumors that it has something to do with the link between Fubadubs and Wumpadumps

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