Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Rose: Yes, lets go!

You: Lets

You have eventually escaped after numerous doors have littered your path.

As you exit the last door, you see two Skiite.

Skiite 1: ZZZNNT!


Skiite 1: Zzzp.

You: What are they saying?

Rose: Nothing, they just make sounds at relative tones and volumes to what they want to say

You: What?

Rose: Well, if they were annoyed, they'd make a big and miserable screechy sound.

Both Skiite: Z zzt zziiii zzt zziiii

Rose: They sound happy to see you, thats slightly odd.

You: It is?

Rose: Why would they be happy to see you dear?

You: No idea, Lets still go

Go in the Empleem hive or get rid of the Skiite?

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