Prince Ersain of Kandarlon, Dokarian Prince of Kandarlon (given names: Ersain Domitius Darren Imperio-Barlaghn; born 7 December 1000, Saz, Kandarlon), is the first child of Favian XVIII, Emperor of Kandarlon, and Empress Iodith of Kandarlon, his spouse.


He was born in Gerdinsa Hospital, Saz. His godparents are Head Minister Darren Erlton and Queen Gderdith of Cikira. He is now residing at his family residence, Imperio's palace, at Saz.

He has two younger sisters, Princess Senaris and Princess Dusce. He is also a cousin of Ariena Helen, Karl Illione and Maximus Luwald, children of Jacus Luwald Imperio-Barlaghn. He is now attending the Imperial Kandarlon Academy.


  • Ersain is for his grand uncle, Emperor Ersain III.
  • Domitius is for his grandfather, Domitius Barlaghn.
  • Darren is for the Head Minister of Dieber and his father's former mentor, Head Minister Darren Erlton.

He is the first in line to the Dokarship of Cerbia.

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