Ende is a world much like ours. However, instead of the developed nations with amazing technology we know of, this world is populated by dozens of different "races" caused by thousands of years of isolation. The Ende also possesses supernatural powers, that can be called magical. It has existed for trillions of years through this "magic" protecting them and slowing time around them.


Ende is identical to the world we know, with seven continents, five oceans, and varied climate and terrain. All the same mountains, rivers, and desets remain, only with different names. The seven continents are Ka (Africa), Nuen (Europe and Asia), Ilan (Austalia), and Benya (the Americas). The oceans are not divided, but are all known as Relila.


The people of Ende are as varied as the world is itself. These are the six major races:


  • The Ka'ia populated most of Ka, as said in the name. Ka'ia have a very dark skin, and are around 7 feet tall on average.
  • Ka'ia are known for incredible speed and endurance. They can run for miles at over 40 mph. This has made them very effective hunters, often chasing their prey until the prey collapses.
  • Survive almost entirely on meat, due to lack of edible plantlife.
  • Have very little to no powers otherwise.

Ka Nuen'ia

  • Ka Nuen'ia live in the areas bordering Ka and Nuen. They have pale gray skin, much like Ju Ben'ia. They are almost as tall as the Ka'ia.
  • The Ka Nuen'ia use their magic powers for perfect camoflauge and stealthiness.
  • Enjoy a balanced diet of meat and vegetables, and make excellant farmers.
  • Several other powers are also possible.

Ju Ben'ia

  • Ju Ben'ia live in the Arctic Circle across the globe.

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