The Emperor of Kandarlon is the title of the elected monarch of Kandarlon. He is elected by the electoral body called Dokarean Council, body consisting of every dokars of the country. He must be a Dokar of the any doken or states in the empire as well as a descendant of their founder and first emperor, Kandarlon Ironhand, according to the succession law created by the Dokarean Council.

Although in theory it is elective monarchy, in practice the monarchy has become a hereditary succession because the House of Imperio has monopolized the position since the reigned of Emperor Ersain the Peerless. The Dokarean Council, in theory the one who elects the next monarch, relegated itself to an advising body.

List of EmperorsEdit

  • Kandarlon Ironhand
  • Maximus the Hammer
  • Batran Salavrin
  • Favian I
  • Maximus II
  • Favian II
  • Favian III
  • Favian IV
  • Amiro I
  • Favian V
  • Favian VI
  • Serenor the Scarred
  • Favian VII
  • Favian VIII
  • Favian IX
  • Amiro II
  • Amiro III
  • Favian X
  • Favian XI

Then the monarchy passed to the House of Imperio, also the Dokars of Cerbia.

There is rumors that if the reigning Emperor, Favian XVIII, died, the Dokarian Prince, Ersain, will surely succeed to the throne and he even has the support of the Dokarean Council.

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